• What is the Odd One Out?

    It’s so hard to find a great space for a workshop in Melbourne. At least, that’s what we thought prior to designing The Odd One Out. The Odd One Out is a purpose built workshop space - it is the only space in Melbourne that uses scientifically proven principles to enhance the quality of your thinking. It was custom designed by the innovation Psychologists at Inventium in conjunction with the design gurus at Siren Design. Which means as well as being a truly awesome space, creative problem-solving skills will be significantly boosted just by entering the space.


    The Odd One Out fits up to 30 people U-shape, 40 people break-out group style, and 100 people theatre style. It features amazing surround sound speakers, and the option to use a wireless lapel or hand-held microphone.

    The science behind the space

    Some of the scientifically proven innovation enhancers used in this space include:


    Images depicting an “odd one out”. Research has shown that when people looked at an image where there was an odd one out theme, participants generated ideas that were judged as being 25% more creative than those looking at images depicting “conformity”. You'll see lots of places in the room where we have incorporated this finding.


    The natural environment boosts our ability to be top creative problem solvers through making us feel more calm and relaxed. So we brought in a stack of pot plants into the space. We also have natural light streaming into the room.


    Warm colours increase creativity - when we are exposed to warm colours, we feel happier which releases Dopamine in our brains - and this neurotransmitter helps information flow around more freely in our brain. You will see lots of yellows, reds and oranges at the Odd One Out.


    Diverse stimulus has been shown to enhance our creative problem solving ability. You will see a whole bunch of different facts, quotes and research abstracts written on the walls at the Odd One Out - all designed to trigger different thoughts in your brain.


  • Features

    All the stuff that you get at the Odd One Out.

    Two massive 60” LED TVs (VGA or HDMI connection)

    Easy to connect your Mac/PC and stream presentations and videos

    Two huge whiteboards

    Surround sound speakers and microphones


    Loads of natural light

    A huge 12.5m x 7m space

    Loft style 4m high ceilings

    Flexible floor plan (ideal for U-shape, break out groups, or theatre style)

    In the heart of Melbourne's CBD

    Close to public transport

    Car parking next door

  • Some of our happy clients

    You could be our next one!

  • Pricing

    Half day = $950*
    Full day = $1550*

    As well as all the standard room equipment, which includes all of our features; two massive TVs which are easy for your PC/MAC to connect to, two huge whiteboards, free Wifi, loads of natural light, tables, chairs and a flexible floor plan, we will organise catering for you (at additional cost), set up the room just the way you would like it, ensure your water jugs remain topped up all day, and clean up after you at the end of the day.

    * These prices are during business hours only.

  • Terms and Conditions

    • Prices quoted above exclude GST.

    • Catering is an additional cost and if for any reason needs to be cancelled, please let us know two days prior to the event, otherwise catering charges will be invoiced in full.

    • Want to book but still need approval from the powers above? We're happy to place a hold on your desired date(s) for 48 hours before confirmation and deposit is due. After this time if a deposit has not been made, the hold will be removed.

    • Want to book well in advance? No problems. We just require a 50% non-refundable deposit to secure the room, and full payment will need to be made at least 10 days prior to the booking.

    • Want to book the space outside of business hours? Our home is your home, so we are happy to accommodate. Any use of the Odd One Out on a Saturday or Sunday, or after 5:00pm and before 8:30am on a weekday will incur an after-hours charge on the total invoice. Give us a buzz and we can sort something out for you!

    • Can’t make it on the day? Sometimes life gets in the way. And that’s okay! We just ask that you drop us a line and let us know at least 10 days prior to your booking that you can’t make it. We'll be happy to re-schedule your booking at no additional cost, and you can get on with life's little surprises.

    • If you decide to cancel your booking altogether within 10 days of your original agreed booking date, we’ll unfortunately need to charge you the full booking amount as per your original invoice.

    • Please take good care of the room. If you wreck something, we will charge you for it.

    • Have questions? Give us a buzz: 03 9018 7455